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Wi-Fi Hotspots

Providing a Wi-Fi hotspot couldn’t be easier. Our system is highly customisable so allowing you to easily create Wi-Fi hotspots and give them the look, feel and functionality you require.

Rural Connectivity

Guest Wi-Fi

Are you looking to provide Guest Wi-Fi for your visitors and customers? Using our system enables you to create Wi-Fi hotspots with the look, feel and functionality you require.

guest wifi cafe, bar, restaurant

Home Wi-Fi

Does your home have unsatisfactory Wi-Fi coverage maybe because it is large or has thick walls? We have a range of solutions for your home, whatever the size to ensure excellent Wi-Fi coverage in every room.

Happy homeworker using fixed line broadband for business


Whether you are in a rural location, on the move, needing temporary broadband or working from home, we have the broadband solution for you. Choose from satellite, cellular or fixed line broadband.

Guest wifi for your home

IP Telephony

Using the Internet to route calls, IP Telephony (also known as VoIP) is a cheap and highly flexible way to make calls. Millions of business have already made the switch and are enjoying the benefits of IP Telephony.

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