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Wi-Fi Hotspots

With Overland Wireless, using our simple plug and play system, you can run a professional guest Wi-Fi hotspot network for your customers.

Our cost effective Wi-Fi solution requires the following only (no computer required):

A broadband internet connection

If you don’t have one of these, we will supply you with one.

A Guest Wi-Fi router

We send you a fully functioning guest Wi-Fi router ready to go. All you need to do is connect it to your internet connection using our easy to follow instructions which you will find in the box.

wi-fi network

To find out more about Wi-Fi Hotspots

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We Create Wi-Fi Hotspots to Suit Your Business

Your Overland Wireless Guest Wi-Fi hotpots can be setup by us or by you. We’re happy to setup your hotpots for you or you can set them up yourself; whatever you preference, we can help you.

Items that can be setup according to your needs include: pricing, colours, logos, layouts, images, text, HTML code & access type (social media, free access, paid access & voucher access).

Create your own pricing

Create your own access plans and pricing structure

♦ Define any validity period and set bandwidth and traffic limits.

♦ Set the access to expire after the selected period.

♦ Setup locations with differing access or pricing plans.

On off switch

Optional features that enhance your hotspots

♦ Pre-paid Voucher module.

♦ Credit card module.

♦ SMS password delivery.

♦ Guest access to tempt visitors with limited free access.

♦ Your own logos, texts, marketing messages or instructions.

Customisation tools

Select a design for your start page

♦ Add your own logo, marketing messages and instructions.

♦ Replace logos easily on pages your customers see (requires a very low admin fee).

♦ Create a custom skin with your own design,  logo and colour scheme.


Integrate your hotspot with your own website

♦ Use your own Splash Page.

♦ Enable access to certain websites before your guests have logged in eg your own marketing pages.

♦ Redirect users to a custom landing page once they have gained Internet access and logged on.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Creator

 It is easy to design and control your own Wi-Fi hotspot. Click here to find out more.

Web-Based Control Panel

♦ Log in to the Control Panel from anywhere in the world. You can access the management tools via the internet.
♦ Separate different hotspot locations each with their own customisation and pricing if required.

Remote Hotspot Management allows you to:

♦ List all of your hotspot locations and all installed routers.
♦ See that your hotspots are working correctly. Each hotspot checks in regularly so that you can see they are working.
♦ Easily access your hotspots remotely to change router settings and configurations from wherever you are in the world.
♦ Monitor your routers’ performance in graphical form.
♦ List users who are currently logged in to your hotspot.
♦ Change prices, add new pricing plans.
♦ Add/remove guest access.
♦ Change marketing messages and advertisements for your business quickly and easily.

Real-Time Transaction Reports

♦ Follow your credit card sales and voucher usage as they happen.
♦ See users’ details, purchase amounts, transaction dates and the location of purchases.
♦ Transactions can be filtered and exported in CSV format for analysis in spreadsheets.
♦ You are informed of transactions via email so you can easily follow hotspot activities.

User Search and Usage Information

♦ Find out how many times a user logged in, how much time they spent online, how much data has been downloaded and uploaded.
♦ See the MAC address of their device, their IP address and (if SMS based password delivery has been activated) their mobile phone number.
♦ Manage your hotspot vouchers
♦ Order hotspot vouchers as they are required without paying for them in advance.
♦ List unused vouchers that can still be redeemed by your hotspot customers.

Guest Access

♦ Offer guest access (can be switched on or off in your hotspot configuration).
♦ Set time and data volume restrictions as well as restrictions on how often guest access may be requested (once a day, or once in so many hours etc.).
♦ Multi-language start pages
♦ Hotspot start pages available in multiple languages including Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Thai.
♦ More languages to be added in the near future.

Router Network Monitoring & Alerts

♦ Hotspot routers are monitored 24/7. We will alert you if something is wrong. You can also check the system load any time so you will know when your hotspot is overloaded and needs to be extended.

Mobile Phone Support

♦ Users with 3G/4G and/or Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones can easily use one of our hotspots.
♦ All that is required on the mobile phone is a working built-in browser to authenticate. Additional software is not required.
♦ We have tested this feature successfully with Apple iPhone, iPad, and modern RMI Blackberry devices.

Router Range Extension

♦ Extend the range of your router through the use of repeaters, which will literally repeat and amplify the hotspot signal.
♦ These repeaters are connected wirelessly to the main hotspot and depending on the router and antennas used may be quite some distance from the actual hotspot, sometimes kilometres apart.

Black List Devices

♦ Devices that abuse your system or are otherwise undesirable from your point of view can be blacklisted and are thus barred from using your hotspot.

White List Devices

♦ White list devices (typically your own devices) to bypass the hotspot login and have access to the Internet without login.

Second Private SSID

♦ Set up a second private and encrypted SSID (The SSID is the name of your wireless network a client looking for a hotspot will see) for your private use. This is useful if the hotspot is not just used by the public but is also for your own private use.

Not Just For Wi-Fi

♦ The system is not made for Wi-Fi only. You can easily connect desktop computers or kiosks so people without laptops can also use your internet hotspot.
Our system is a simple solution that makes starting an internet Café or running an Internet Kiosk easy.

Establish a positive identity using SMS

♦ When users purchase access via a payment gateway like Pay Pal ,their identity can be established through their payment gateway account or the credit card used. However, when no credit card or payment gateway is used (for example for vouchers access) then no positive identity can be established.

♦ Our system provides the ability to deliver the password required to login through SMS messages. The mobile phone number establishes a positive identity of the user which cannot be falsified.

♦ SMS messages can be sent regardless of where your hotspot is located and regardless of where the mobile phone that is to receive the SMS message originates from. We charge a low standard cost of use: £0.10 regardless of your location and regardless of your hotspot customer’s origin.

SMS Provides Another Opportunity to Market Your Business

♦ You can add your own messages to the SMS containing the login details, providing another marketing channel for your business.
♦ Provide better support to your hotspot customers with SMS.

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