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Fast, reliable home WiFi

Working wherever you are when you’re at home

Your home may be your castle

but the larger your home, the more challenging connectivity is.

WiFi does not pass through walls and heavy furniture easily. 

It doesn’t like stairs either.

Or long distances.

The further you are from the access point, the more your signal strength diminishes.

Numerous appliances such as fridges, security systems and even baby monitors can interfere with your WiFi.

And the bigger your home, the more likely these problems are.

We can help find the perfect solution for your home.

Wave Goodbye to dead zones and buffering


Relying on one single router to provide your home with reliable WiFi doesn’t work. We are all familiar with the frustration of dead zones and endless buffering. That is why we have developed a a range of different solutions. Whatever the size of your house, your home layout and your demands we will have a solution for you. Call us to discuss your requirements on 0333 700 3000 and say goodbye to the dead zones.

Large house with wifi and dead zone
Large house with good Wi-Fi coverage room to room

Say ‘Hello’ to room-to-room WiFi


Our solutions are tailored to meet all your needs. We can provide you with a system which is easy to control, quick to install and with a huge amount of functionality which you can turn on and off as you require. Perfect to tailor the system to you and your family’s requirements.

For more advice about Wi-Fi for large houses, call

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