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WiFi for Boats

You would expect to have internet access whilst on holiday whether on land or on the water. For keeping in touch with the office, using social media or streaming films for the children, a fast and reliable Internet connection is essential.  By using our Guest WiFi for your boat, your customers can stay in touch even when they are on-board..

One of the many advantages of using our system is the ability for you to your offer your customers a combination of free and paid-for use. Our system is highly customisable and we can set it up to match your exact requirements.

We can set up our system for you to use as a valuable marketing tool; make offers to your customers based on their buying habits, reward them for ‘Likes’ on Facebook and stay in touch with them.

With our WiFi system, this is all possible, and much more.

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Make the most of your Guest WiFi


You can use the WiFi you provide on your boats as a valuable marketing tool.

♥  Reward your customers for giving you a Facebook ‘Like’

♥  Attract new visitors by offering free WiFi

♥  Keep in touch with your customers via social media

♥  Gather valuable information about your customers, their spending habits and their friends

♥  Market special offers and promotions directly to your customers while they are on board.

wifi for boats

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