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Satellite Broadband

For rural areas and places where you cant get a decent hard-wired internet connection.

Our satellite internet solutions give you the opportunity to deliver media instantly and more efficiently to your customers.

From basic satellite broadband for web surfing and email access, through to full FTP uploading for photographers and live streaming of music performances, webcast services and satellite internet anywhere, we can provide it for you.

With expert 24/7 support from dedicated engineers, you are guaranteed a constant service. From set up to delivery, we can handle everything for you.

To find out more about Satellite Broadband

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Internet for Rural Areas

Highly reliable in both rural and urban areas.

Satellite Internet Sharing

Easily share your connection between multiple devices.

Permanent Satellite Internet

Ideal for homes and businesses.

Temporary Satellite Internet

Ideal for shows and events.

Satellite Internet Prices

Generous data allowances

Home Tariffs from £9.95 plus VAT

Business Tariffs from £49.97 plus VAT

Easy, fast set up.  We will:


Install your satellite dish outside in a suitable spot


Connect the dish to a modem inside your building.


Add a wireless router for wireless broadband.


Connect your devices to the Internet and there you go, you are on line!

Internet for Rural Areas

Get a great connection without a landline, even in the most rural areas.

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Permanent Satellite Internet

It doesn’t matter where you want to work or play, or whether you’re a fixed site user or always on the move, or have specific requirements such as for EDI and remote application communications, we have a satellite solution for you.

We offer supply a range of fixed installations of satellite broadband to be used either as back up systems or as the primary internet connection in rural or remote locations. These start with the most basic Tooway and Hylas “Consumer” and “Small Office Home Office” (SoHo) focused systems, which are both upgradeable using the same equipment to a suite of different service packages, through to our own customised dedicated networks access products which have no Fair Access Policy (FAP Throttling) applied to them, and can therefore can provided unlimited data.

Temporary Satellite Internet

We offer quick and easy setup for events of all sizes such as festivals, trade shows or conferences which only need a temporary connection for a short period of time. If you are looking for  fast and reliable connectivity for an event, we have the solution for you.

Satellite Internet Sharing

By using a router you can become a hotspot and share the connection with multiple users and devices.

For more advice on Satellite Broadband call

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