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IP Telephony


If you have a business, small or large, you will know how important it is to have affordable and reliable communications. Because of this, many organisations are choosing to move over to IP Telephony (also known as VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol), one which transmits phone calls over an IP network such as the Internet or local network (similar to Skype).

Overland Wireless offers a range of feature rich and cost effective telephone systems for your business.

Its very straightforward to install.  All you need is:

♦ An IP phone

♦ A fast internet connection

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Keep in touch wherever you are.

Make calls from anywhere in the world using the same number.

Have as many extensions as you require, the only limitation is your broadband capability.


Simple and quick to set up

Make calls from anywhere in the world using the same number.


Calls to other phones using the same provider are free.

Our IP Telephony solution will give you

bluetick  Reporting

bluetick  Call waiting

bluetick  Withhold caller ID

bluetick  Multiple destinations

bluetick  Virtual numbers

bluetick  IVP

bluetick  Conferencing

bluetick  Music on hold

bluetick  Time and date routing

bluetick  Bulk dialler

bluetick  Call hunt

bluetick  International call barring

bluetick  Voice mail

bluetick  Call recording

bluetick  Call divert

bluetick  Call transfer

bluetick  Simultaneous ringing

bluetick  Caller display


Can I keep my existing number with IP Telephony?

Yes, you will probably be able to transfer your current number to the new VoIP system.

Can I make calls from anywhere using IP Telephony?

You can make calls from anywhere in the world using the same number.

What equipment do I need for IP telephony?

A fast internet connection and an IP phone.

Is an IP Telephony call as clear as on a normal phone line?

Yes, and clearer if you call another IP phone.

Can I use my IP phone when I’m travelling?

Yes, as long as you have a fast Internet connection.

Does my computer need to be on to use IP Telephony?

No, but your broadband connection needs to be active.

Features of IP


Overland Wireless provides a reliable, feature-rich IP-based telephony service. This system can be used at almost any event anywhere, as well as at any rural or remote location.

Offering an easy to manage self-administration interface and a featureset to rival much more expensive traditional PBX systems, the hosted PBX provides a simple and cost effective route to IP telephony for any size of organisation from a single user on a broadband connection to a multi-site enterprise with 1,000s of telephone users, and is perfect should an event require a full duplex telephone system rather than just a PMR radio network.

Unlike traditional premise-based PBX systems, our cloud telephony applications are accessible to any user at any time wherever they are, provided they have access to a broadband internet connection, should users be utlising our satellite, Mobile 3G/HSPA or wireless networks, they will require our portable ViBE gateway, which also provides each user with a UK fixed IP address.

If you’re out of the office, calls can be routed automatically to where you are. If you’re not available to take a call, voicemail can be automatically emailed to your inbox or stored on the PBX for later retrieval.

All call routing provided through the Overland Networks cloud managed VoIP applications can be operated over all our satellite, Mobile 3G/HSPA and Wireless broadband networks, thus allowing us to provide excellent call quality on connections that are traditionally poor quality for these types of applications.

A cloud hosted PBX system can be provided complete with pre-configured and managed handsets from our range of approved and tested handsets, at a day’s notice, and can be deployed to your site by our own engineers.

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