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Guest WiFi

 WiFi solutions for your cafe, bar, boat, holiday let, retail, event or home

Guest wifi for cafe

Guest WiFi for your cafe, bar or restaurant

We provide reliable and fast connectivity for your café, restaurant or bar. Offering free WiFi encourages your customers to stay for longer and therefore spend more money with you. You can also use it to target special offers.

Guest wifi for boats

Guest WiFi for your boat

When people are away from home they still want to connect with their family, friends or workplace. We provide reliable and customisable WiFi for your boats to be used both whilst docked and when offshore allowing your customers to stay in touch at all times.

WiFi holiday let

Guest WiFi for your holiday let

When people are on holiday, they still like to stay in contact with friends, family and even with work. We can help you to provide fast and reliable WiFi to your holiday home guests.

Guest wifi for your home

Guest WiFi for your home

Do you have frequent visitors, a stream of your teenager’s friends or maybe students staying in your home? Provide your house guests with fast reliable WiFi without the need to compromise your own private network.

WiFi for retail and shops

Guest WiFi for retail and shops

Give people a reason to come into your store and shop. Use guest WiFi to attract customers and increase their spend. We can provide you with fast, reliable and customisable WiFi to enhance your customers’ shopping experience with you, promoting interaction and increasing the time they spend in your store.

Wifi for guest houses and bed and breakfasts or b&bs

Guest WiFi for Bed & Breakfasts

Bed & Breakfasts strive to offer a home from home experience and this experience  should include fast and reliable WiFi. Your visitors will love being able to stay in touch, perhaps they need to access work emails or maybe they like to keep their friends updated via social media, let them do so by offering free WiFi.

guest wifi events

Guest WiFi for events

Local events are the perfect place for offering free WiFi. People love to post their photos and updates on social media, let them do so by offering free, temporary  WiFi and in return you will collect thousands of new profiles aswell as promoting your event to more potential visitors.

Guest wifi for softplay centres

Guest WiFi for Soft Play centres

While the children play, make a trip to your play center just as enjoyable for the adults by offering them free WiFi. With average visit times around two hours, your visitors will love the fact that they can browse the internet or use social media while they wait.

For advice about Guest WiFi call us now on 0333 700 3000

Login using social media

Allow your users to be able to access WiFi using their social media login eg Facebook.

Free and Premium packages

Options for free and/or chargeable WiFi.


Collect information when you customers log in to your WiFi.


Provide vouchers for your users to login with.

24/7 support

We’re here to help you.


Reward users for logging in.

For advice about Guest WiFi call us now on 0333 700 3000

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