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WiFi for Soft Play Centres

Soft Play centres can attract new visitors by offering free WiFi for customers to use while their children play. Providing visitors to your soft play centre with free WiFi will allow you to capture lots of useful information about them and their spending habits. Understanding who your customers are, their ages, gender, buying preferences and more will provide you with vital information to allow you to develop your marketing strategy  perfectly tailored to your customers. We can also design you a personalised landing page to further promote your business

Use our Guest WiFi to enrich your customers’ visit to your play centre with loyalty schemes, vouchers and special offers customised perfectly to suit their habits. This enhances their visit and makes a repeat visit or a recommendation to friends more likely.

With our WiFi system, this is all possible, and much more.

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Make the most of Guest WiFi in your soft play centre


Our WiFi  provides you with an excellent opportunity to publicise your play centre. For instance:

♥  Reward your customers for giving you a Facebook ‘Like’

♥  Attract new visitors by offering free WiFi

♥  Keep in touch with your customers via social media

♥  Gather valuable information about your customers, their spending habits and their friends

♥  Market special offers and promotions directly to your customers while they are at their table.

Guest wifi for softplay centres

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