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Guest WiFi for your home

Do you have students staying? Or a lodger? Or perhaps an endless stream of your teenagers’ friends coming through you door. Sharing your WiFi password with anyone who passes through your door is risky business; keep your own private network secure by offering your visitors guest WiFi for your home. Rather than connecting to your usual router, guest WiFi connects to a separate network. This avoids inconvenient slowdowns of your home network’s bandwidth and gives you the assurance your own network is safe from snooping and illegal downloads.


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Why offer Guest WiFi for your home?


The security of your own network is compromised when someone else uses it. The more people using accessing WiFi in your home, the higher to possibility of a security breach. By offering access to a separate WiFi network, you can keep your guests happy without compromising your network’s security.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber (that is you!) to make sure your network is not used to download illegal material or anything which breaks copyright law. By offering Guest WiFi, you can trace any illegal activity back to a specific user.

Bandwidth overuse may soon eat in to your monthly allowance if your guests are downloading films or streaming music. You can apply limits to the usage of the Guest WiFi in your home thus avoiding any nasty surprises!

One of the many advantages of using our system is the ability for you to your offer your visitors a combination of free and/or paid-for use. Our system is highly customisable and we can set it up to match your exact requirements.

Guest wifi for your home

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