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WiFi for Cafes, Bars and Restaurants

Offering guest WiFi to customers in your café, bar or restaurant will keep them with you at their table or at the bar for longer while you are capturing lots of useful information about them. Use WiFi to entice your customers with loyalty schemes, vouchers and special offers all customised perfectly to suit their habits.

With our Guest WiFi, your customers can stay in touch with their friends via social media, or check their work emails. You can also use our system to make offers to your customers based on their buying habits; perhaps you want to offer three for two drinks or a free coffee for a Like on Facebook. Our system allows you to connect with each and every one of your customers. By gathering information from people’s social media accounts, you can access them and all their contacts. Imagine how useful all that information can be to you when promoting your business.

With our WiFi system, this is all possible, and much more.

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Make the most of Guest WiFi in your cafe, bar or restaurant


You can use the WiFi you provide as a valuable marketing tool.

♥  Reward your customers for giving you a Facebook ‘Like’

♥  Attract new visitors by offering free WiFi

♥  Keep in touch with your customers via social media

♥  Gather valuable information about your customers, their spending habits and their friends

♥  Market special offers and promotions directly to your customers while they are at their table.

guest wifi cafe, bar, restaurant

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