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Glossary of terms for IT and Connectivity

To help you, we have listed some of the most commonly requested IT and Connectivity terms.

A Hotspot

A hotspot is a wireless access point which provides network and/or Internet connectivity to mobile devices: your phone, tablet or laptop.

Hotspot Devices

A hotspot device is any device which provides a Wi-Fi connection e.g. a tethered mobile device or a router.

Hotspot Internet Service

A Hotspot Internet Service is a service provider (like Overland Wireless) who will give you the ability to provide a wireless internet service to your customers. This service can either be free to use, voucher driven, paid or a combination thereof.

Hotspot Plans

Hotspot Plans are used to control the amount of time and/or data that your guests will be entitled to when they are connected to your public Wi-Fi service. The plans can also control whether it is a paid for service or not and also if vouchers can be redeemed.

Hotspot Router

A hotspot router is a device which allows you to have your own hotspot. You cannot have a hotspot without a router.

Internet Router

An Internet Router will generally have more security features than an internal local area network (LAN) router because of the hazards of being connected to the internet.

Mobile Internet Connectivity

Mobile internet connectivity uses the cellular network to provide an internet data connection which can then be used for connection to computers via a Local Area Network (LAN) and/or provide a local wireless hotspot to be used by wireless devices.

Mobile Hotspot Devices

A Mobile Hotspot Device is a piece of hardware that will enable you to have a Wi-Fi hotspot whilst on the move for example using a 4G router in a car or in a boat enables you to be connected to the internet whilst in motion.

Mobile Wi-Fi

Mobile Wi-Fi (or Mi-Fi) describes a wireless router that acts as a mobile router hotspot.

Mobile Wi-Fi Device

A mobile Wi-Fi  is a small device which should allow you to create Wi-Fi hotspots instantly enabling you to access the internet and stay in touch while you are on the move.

Mobile Wireless Hotspot

A mobile wireless hotspot is a compact wireless device which allows you to access high-speed internet without the need for wires. It usues 3G or 4G mobile connections to provide you with Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

A Wi-Fi hotspot is a physical location where people can connect to the internet using a router connected using Wi-Fi technology.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Device

A Wi-Fi hotspot device will provide you with connectivity to Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Router

A Wi-Fi router is a router which enables you to have your own wireless network.

Wireless Hotspot

A wireless hotspot is a physical location where you are able to obtain an internet connection via a wireless network.

Wireless Hotspot Device

A wireless hotspot device is a device which allows you a fast connection to the internet using 3G or 4G. It will work anywhere where you can get a signal and can support multiple devices.

Wireless Router

A wireless router is a device which works as a router and includes the functions of a wireless access point. Use it to access the internet or a private computer network.

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