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Cellular Broadband


Enjoy a reliable, high-speed internet  connection wherever you are.

Cellular broadband provides a wireless internet connection which provides a high-speed broadband signal in places where other technologies are not able to. It is both mobile and reliable.

It’s as  easy as 1, 2, 3 …

Cellular broadband services

We provide a plug and play system which you can install yourself. No waiting, no engineers, no fuss. A few simple steps and you’re ready to enjoy fast internet.

Using one of our cellular data receivers to create an instant hotspot, we can give you fast internet in locations where network coverage is poor.  The cellular data receivers are ideal for:

♦ Rural broadband
♦ Home or small office
♦ A backup system
♦ Extending cellular data coverage

Unpack your cellular data receiver.

Insert the SIM and turn it on.

Wait for a couple of minutes while it finds the strongest signal.

Advantages of cellular broadband

Unlike a Wi-Fi connection which requires close proximity to a wireless internet transmitter,  with a cellular broadband connection you can access the internet anywhere within your provider’s cellular network.

Simple and fast, plug & play.

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